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19 January 2007 Entry: "Looking Forward, 2007"

Listening to the Radio 4 afternoon play The Waiting Room of Julia's blog was a lovely sad experience. It's hard to believe that it is almost two years ago that she died, it still feels very fresh in my heart. Listening to Charlie read her words brought her vividly to life again, and I felt Tim Dalling's music caught Julia's spirit absolutely perfectly. Jackie Kay and Sue Roberts, the producer, did a fantastic editing job to bring the huge volume of words down to 45 minutes, and managed to do justice to the wide ranging nature of Julia's imagination and experience.

Sometimes I wake up and think ‘Why do I feel so low?’ and then I remember. Julia and Keith my star and anchor, both gone. Then there's nowhere else to go but up and out of bed. I think of Keith's huge energy and commitment to his work, his high standards, of Julia's immense capacity for joy and hope, for being positive in the face of such a bleak future, and berate myself. I have a lot of exciting and positive events to look forward to.

To my great delight, John Hegley agreed to be the guest Male editor for our new venture: The Ropes, poems to hold on to, our anthology for adolescents. John is effortlessly witty and funny about life, he also has an interest in and commitment to encouraging young audiences for poetry, which is partly why he was happy to be part of this project. He'll bring humour and a spark to this poetry anthology, it makes me feel this project is going to be successful, and fun. We are seeking the guest female editor, we'll put it on the web as soon as it's confirmed.

In February, the Newcastle Student theatre society are staging one of my plays - Marsden Rock, I'll post more information when I have it. It's a great opportunity to see my work in progress, and still be able to ‘fiddle’ with it a bit.

And on the 2nd March Smokestack are launching my book Wall at Seven Stories. My very own, all by myself, book. It just shows that you are never too old (never too old for what? I'm not sure).

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