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Sauce by The Poetry Virgins,
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ISBN 978-1-85224-316-6

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Sauce represents the cream of the Poetry Virgins' work in the mid-nineties, with an odd soupçon from an earlier anthology, Modern Goddess. Most of the poems in the book are written by Julia Darling and Ellen Phethean, with contributions by other women writers, both new and established. Julia and Ellen form part of the Poetry Virgins line-up, alongside Charlie Hardwick, Kay Hepplewhite and Fiona MacPherson, an exciting chemistry of acting and writing skills.

The poems on the page, as well as in performance, are marked by an unusual fearlessness and refreshing positive humour. these are women not afraid to open their big mouths, break taboos, stand up and be wise and foolish. They are provocative and challenging, imaginative and entertaining. Their spirit is one of celebration and cooperation.


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